Challenge of the day

Do you take part in our creative challenge of the day?

Monday 3 July

Today the participants of the course take challenges on Scavenger hunts, Digital Breakouts and Treasure Hunts.

Why don’t you join this Digital Breakout and Bring Back Bart:

Tuesday 4 July

As an optional part of the course programme the participants get the opportunity to visit some museums in Brussels. Many of the paintings of René Magritte, a Belgian painter, can be viewed in Musée Magritte Museum.

Be inspired for this challenge by the painting below in which Magritte combines 2 elements that don’t fit at first sight.

The course participants have a session on social media today. Take a picture and share it on Twitter or Instagram with the hashtag #fclsumac. The picture must show a combination of elements that don’t fit together… at first sight. (1)






Wednesday 5 July

Today the participants explore QR, AR and VR for education. Please take a free account at

Create an interactive multimedia QR code. Record yourself (sound or video), ask a question, activate the comments and share the QR code on Twitter with hashtag #fclsumac.

For the visitors of this blog we have an extra challenge. Can you crack this code? Do you know the name of this flower?



Thursday 6 July

Today the course participants delve into the Flipped Classroom Model. Flipping doesn’t have to be done with videos. We’d like to know what resources and materials you use to flip your classroom? Click this Flipgrid and record your answer.

Friday 7 July

Today the course participants work on Digital Storytelling. Have a go at and share your story on Twitter with hashtag #fclsumac.