Challenge of the Day

Do you take part in our creative challenge of the day?

Thursday 5 July

The challenge today is .. to come on Twitter at 15.30 CEST (Brussels Time). @abfromz will stream the session from the FCL. Be there!

Wednesday 4 July

Today the participants learned about QR, AR and VR. One of the ideas to involve your students is to create a Museum of Facts, Fun and Trivia. Let them find data and create QR codes leading to important and not so important information.

Please join us and post some QR codes on this Padlet board.







Tuesday 3 July

Football seems to rule our social life nowadays, whether you like it or not… Fans dress up in the national colours, paint flags on their faces etc. But also social media join the world cup hype and with e.g. Facebook Messenger, you can dress up virtually to support the team of your choice.

We invite you to use the Facebook Messenger App (click on the camera icon and select the foorball). Create some pictures and use them to build a gif. Use e.g.

Share your result on Twitter with #fclsumac.



Monday 2 July

Today the participants learn about gamification. Typical game elements can spice up learning activities in the classroom.

Have you ever heard of steganography? It is the art of hiding secret messages (or images) into an image.

There is nothing special about the pictures below? Well… inside the picture there is secret information. You can use this Online Steganography tool to decode the pictures below.







You can also use the same tool to create your own encrypted picture. Why don’t you give it a try and share your own picture with a secret message. Use pictures of the PNG format. Post it on Twitter with the hashtags #fclsumac and #steganography