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Day 5

Day 5: “What is your next circle?”

Since the whole week’s focus was on professional development, the first topic discussed today was eTwinning and the opportunities it offers for professional development. As it was already said in one of the previous posts, the most valuable resource that all teachers have is each other.


Yesterday was spent in making creative content so the first thing on this Friday’s morning was sharing what was done the previous days. Different teams came up with different creative ideas and ways to show how they explored Brussels. The title of this post is also inspired by one of the teams. Some of them were searching for circles in the streets of Brussels, some of them were inspired by bikes and Tour de France while others were searching for love in Brussels.


Why do we have butterflies in the FCL? One more topic that was addressed today was flipped classroom. Firstly, we were all making butterflies only with the teacher’s instructions. Since the instructions were fast, we could easily get lost in the instructions. After the first try, we got another chance to make our butterflies – this time with watching videos. This was a good opportunity for all of us to be in the role of a student and to realize how easy it can be to get lost when only following instructions by a teacher. The flipped classroom offers opportunities for students to start with the topic at their own pace. After an introduction to different resources, each of the participants made their own flipped learning scenarios and later exchanged ideas and received peer feedback.


Today is the last day of the FCL Summer Academy 2019. After the whole week of hard work, participants are going home with minds full of new ideas, resources, new ways of looking at things and new colleagues and friends. And of course, just because course ends physically doesn’t mean it ends completely – new collaborations and new projects are just around the corner.

Thank you all for your valuable input and ideas, for all the memories and nicely shared time.


“It was a great pleasure to be here, we learned so much and we all have to come back!”

Day 4: “Learning doesn’t happen only in the classroom.”

It is nice to change the learning environment and to remember that the classroom is not the only place where learning happens. The focus of the fourth day of FCL Summer Academy was the outdoor learning so exploring Brussels was combined with creating a creative content – multimodal presentation of the city. Some tips on how to do it were given, and useful resources were shared but the most important thing was to let imagination run wild, with limitless possibilities.


What is multiliteracy and why is it important? Sometimes we tend to forget that literacy is not only a matter of text and that we need to prepare ourselves and our students to be able to express in different ways. Multiliteracy is a multilayered and complex theme but we should always keep it in our mind.

Today’s main message was to always look at students as creators, not as a consumer and to look at the world from different perspectives – using Rene Magritte and small children as an example.


Teamwork is a dream work, that was the other big topic of today. Participants were working in small groups the whole day and they could see that even though they don’t know each other they could work very well in teams when having a common goal.


Day 3: “If you can imagine it, it is probably closer to reality than to fantasy”

Today’s first topic that was discussed was online safety and what does it mean. Social media surely has a big role in everybody’s life nowadays and it is important to ask ourselves why do we care so much about social media? Critical thinking and social media literacy are just some of the skills we should be working on. What can we all do in the times when social media is always present? Get informed and be aware, both of possibilities and risks.

Now, let’s make something with our hands. Tinkering & making and App invention workshops were happening at the same time, in smaller groups. You can see on the photos how it looked like:

day 3 tink

Stars, sunshine, birthday cards, making friends and inventing apps – everything happening at the FCL.

What is AI, AR, VR, QR? How can we use all of in the educational field, how can we put it into practice in our classrooms? As we already learned, sharing is caring, so in this session, many useful apps and resources to use in classrooms were shared. Different visits were carried out so we visited the international space station, Paris, London, Rome, all of it while still staying in the FCL.


Or teaching the computer to tell you that everything is awesome? Piece of cake! Possibilities are limitless.

Some drawings were also made and then with the app they came to life:


Teachers are not going to disappear because of the AI. Teachers will be here forever, but AI can help us in enhancing the learning experience and changing education.

The course ended today for some of the participants, so we took the chance to take a photo with everybody, as a memory of the times shared at FCL:


Many thanks to everybody for their contribution in the past 3 days, for the rest of us, tomorrow is a new day at the FCL Summer Academy.