Day 5 : eSafety, digital storytelling and goodbye

During this last (but not least!) day, participants had an interactive introduction to eSafety in schools and classrooms, with tools such as Mentimeter to evaluate and analyse the use of social networks by students and teachers. Then, they learnt more about digital storytelling, and they get to know what tools they could use in their classrooms. During the afternoon, they took part in the creative challenge of the day, which was on “digital stories”. After working on their subjects for a while, they presented it one by one, helped by the big screen of the FCL. This was the occasion to take stock of their FCL experience, and to start working with Thinglink.

At the end of the day, they all received their participation certificates, after doing a little “duck” exercise. Indeed, Bart gave each participant a LEGO package, and asked them to create their own duck with it. Then, all of them put their creation on the same table, and concluded that with the same package at first, there was an infinity of possibilities!

This week was pretty intense, and particularly interesting, made of discoveries and meetings for everyone. The FCL team was really happy to welcome teachers in Brussels, and hope that they enjoyed the courses as much as possible!