Day 4 : flipped classroom and active learning

Thursday, the 5th of July, participants discovered the principle of flipped classroom, its goals, strengths, weaknesses, and how to implement it in the classroom. Arjana asked participants to follow her instructions while creating a butterfly in origami. Conclusion: those who never experienced origami before were quickly lost. For their second try, teachers had access to a video on YouTube that they could play as much as they want, individually. The experience was a success: all the teachers end up with a butterfly origami. The goal of this experience was to understand what children can experience in class, when they don’t succeed to do an exercise and the teacher is not able to help them one by one; and how to address this issue thanks to flipped classroom.

On the afternoon, teachers designed an activity they could do in their classroom, responding to the criterias of active learning. They presented it to the rest of the group, explaining what they were planning to do, and how to realise it.

Finally, participants shared their feelings on the FCL experience, and on what they’ve learnt during these 4 days. Then, they had the opportunity to discuss with members of European Schoolnet, on the occasion of Open Office Day.