Just Suppose

That everyone is creative is a well known premise, but can creativity be measured? The Torrance Test of Creative Thinking, created by E. P. Torrance in the 1950s, is said to be a highly reliable test that measures creativity in two different forms – verbal (examinees write questions, answers, unusual uses etc.) and figural (examinees draw pictures). The tests assess the following mental characteristics:

Fluency – developing as many  ideas as possible, similar to brainstorming;

Originality – generating unique and innovative ideas

Elaboration – adding a lot of details to ideas

Abstractness in titles – capturing the essence of information

Resistance to premature closure – remaining curious and openminded

There are different types of exercises  in the tests, such as unusual uses, incomplete figures or just suppose, to mention but a few. The Just Suppose exercise presents examinees with an improbable situation to which they  need to respond with as many solutions as possible. Let’s see how it works. Here’s an improbable situation (well, hopefully):

Just suppose that the world has run out of chocolate.

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