Innovator’s Mindset – Your Responses

Over the past 24 hours we have received 78 responses from the members of our PLN. We appreciate it greatly. Here are the results:

25% of our respondents reported their strongest characteristic to be CREATIVITY. All the other characteristics are similarly distributed – below 12%. When it comes to us, Bart’s response is in line with the majority of respondents, whereas I believe that mine strongest trait is networking.


The second strongest characteristic indicates almost equal distribution of responses, with resilience and empathy being the most frequent, at 16% and 15% respectively. Bart’s second strongest is risk-taking, and mine is creativity.


The weakest characteristic  is REFLECTION. Almost 22% of the respondents report that they need to improve their reflective practices. When it comes to us, Bart’s weakest point is problem-finding whereas mine is resilience. Yes, I know that failure leads to success. Yes, I know that I need to try again and again and I really do try again, as many times as possible. It’s just that it takes quite some time to recover and bounce back from failure to success.