Do you have an innovator’s mindset?


Sketchnote by Sylvia Duckworth

Building upon Carol Dweck’s concept of a Growth Mindset – the power of believing that you can improve, George Couros developed the idea of the Innovator’s Mindset
as the
Belief that abilities, intelligence, and talents are developed leading to the creation of new and better ideas.”

George Couros proposes 8 characteristics of the Innovator’s Mindset:

1. Empathetic – To understand our students, we need to put ourselves in their shoes before we can create better opportunities for them in our classrooms.

2. Problem Finders – Innovation starts with a question not an answer, so first we need to learn how ask good questions.

3. Risk-Takers – We are not afraid to try something different and go off the beaten path.

4. Networked – We build our personal learning network (PLN) and connect with educators worldwide.

5. Observant – We are open to learning from others, not only from fellow educators, but also from people from other walks of life and we implement new ideas in our educational setting.

6. Creator – We create new knowledge and new content and turn our ideas into action.

7. Resilient –  We don’t give up when we fail, but we try again. And we do fail! Failure is the key to success.

8. Reflective – We reflect on our work to become aware of  potential weaknesses and work harder for improvement.

What about you? Which of these 8 characteristics are you strongest at? Which of the 8 characteristics need improvement? We’d appreciate your response to our short survey.