Welcome, creative people!


It is claimed that everyone is born creative – and curious as well. Being curious is a trait that is looked well upon – but only in kindergarten! Later on,  as children grow up their curiosity is stifled, there are more „serious“ concepts they need to master and there’s simply no time for being curious and creative any more.  As a consequence, children become less motivated, less original, less imaginative.

So what can be done to awaken creativity in our students, to foster creative thinking, to enhance innovation and develop their sense of initiative and entrepreneurship. How can we encourage and motivate our students to actively participate in the learning  process in order to become creators of knowledge who turn ideas into action?  How can we shift their role of consumers of knowledge to producers of new creative content? Well, let’s take the first step and let’s allow  them to be curious again.

34 participants coming from 9 countries will spend one week in the Future Classroom in Brussels exploring creativity, imagination and innovative teaching practices. Join us.